My Story


​My story is heartfelt and it is real. However to protect the many people that I will be writing about, I am going to not use my real name. So I will refer to myself in this blog as Warrior Mom! A friend called me that during our journey and it was my “a-ha” moment. That’s me, Warrior Mom!

One of the topics for my blog will be personal tales of life with my teenage son and how technology has damaged our relationship. It has also stunted his emotional growth and his school life is a disaster. Some of the steps we’ve taken may be able to help some of you out there. I do realize that my family’s story is not unique and yet, I am opening up and sharing for my own sanity and to help others, too.

Don’t get me wrong, I embrace technology. I’ve had an Mac computer since 1984. I’ve had an iPhone since Day One. But I can clearly see what’s happening in our world and especially to our young people AND it’s too much! It might be sensory overload. It might be about addictions, it might be about brain-hacking and over the top Social Media. Now is the time to take back our lives and get back to basics. Join me, Warrior Mom and read about my saga. I encourage you to follow my journey and make comments if you feel you can. I’d love to hear from you.