A Friend Cares….

A Friend Cares

My son has a friend who is just plain awesome. She cares about him and she stays above the fray! She is a gift. How so? Well it goes like this…..

My son decided that going to school wasn’t in his wheel house. He decided to just stay home. I would call his absence into the office or I would let the record show that he didn’t attend. I did it both ways. Finally I got a call from the Administration. Wow they noticed. How about that? They didn’t think he was a real truant, just someone failing his classes. Hmm….This went on for weeks. He didn’t get arrested. He didn’t go to school. I just stayed home from work to watch him. A really productive time for me and for him too!

So, as the school year was coming to a close, with just three weeks left, my son’s friend pounded on the front window of our house! I answered the door and she said, “I’ve come to take your child to school!” I said, “Come on in….go get him!” Off they went. He was so happy to have someone care, that it was totally worth it!

As so, she was able to do what no one else had be able to do. She got him to school. Day after day, she knocked at 7:20-7:30 AM and they walked, or rode bikes, and he went to school. It was a miracle. Then one day, she didn’t arrive….well, you can guess the rest….he didn’t go that day. She had overslept and was so apologetic when we saw her the following week.

During my daily noon time walk, I saw some high school kids hanging out near the creek, a couple blocks away from campus. Who were they? Yup, our son and some of his not so good influences. So while he was getting TO school, it didn’t actually translate to his going to his classes. I didn’t even care, he was out of the house. I was getting really tired of his Freshman year!

​Our goal was to get to the end of the school year in one piece. And we had other plans starting to formulate. Come back tomorrow to find out what we where up to! Countdown……

Still caring and hopeful,